Hancock County Government

Monday, December 25, 2006

Wayne Whitney

District 2 Candidate

Wayne Whitney

1. Why do you think you’d make a good supervisor?

Simply, because I put my community and neighbors first, and not just a select few.

2. What do you think are the three overall priorities for Hancock County?

1. No hassle rebuilding.
2. Open doors and minds for any business.
3. Year-round upgrades and repairs, not 6 months before an election.

3. What are your concerns for infrastructure in the county?

There is too much greed and brother-in-law politics involved.

4. What are your thoughts on improving communication between the county and city governments for more cooperation and efficiency?

Again, as in question # 3, work against favoritism.

5. Should consolidation of any services be considered between Hancock county and the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland?

Yes, All.

6. The Board of Supervisors is currently considering an Interim Development Ordinance . What’s your opinion of the proposed ordinance?

Both the builders and the county should share the expense and responsibility of additional infrastructure.

7. What’s your vision for the Bayou Caddy/Lakeshore/Clermont Harbor area?

Let development go any way they can. Casino, Hotels, Restaurants, whatever will collect revenues later. Look at Jackson County. Wake up people.

8. What are your thoughts on balancing future growth and the quality of life for residents?

Quality is only achieved by bottom line figures. Let's grow, then we can afford to balance. The more people working, the more spending.


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