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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wanda Ladner

District 5 Candidate

Wanda Ladner

1. Why do you think you’d make a good supervisor?

I would make a good supervisor because I consider myself dependable, hardworking and a responsible leader. I am willing to make decisions based on how it will affect our districts, our communities, our county. I also have experience in many areas including finance, payroll, business, and road mapping.

2. What do you think are the three overall priorities for Hancock County?

1. Getting our offices rebuilt and our jail up and running.

2. Road maintance for the safety of our children on buses and in vehicles.

3. Getting the supervisors to work together on all issues.

3. What are your concerns for infrastructure in the county?

I think the county facilities need to be rebuilt as soon as possible. The county as a whole is not as far along on building back as I think we should be. Our county needs to give both encouragement to local businesses to reopen and give new businesses the support they need to get started.

4. What are your thoughts on improving communication between the county and city governments for more cooperation and efficiency?

The cities and county governments certainly need to be in communication with one another. I definitely believe that the left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing.

5. Should consolidation of any services be considered between Hancock county and the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland?

I do not agree with any services being consolidated at this time. I feel that our county has gone through enough changes over the last couple of years. However, I feel it should be considered down the road when we have properly adjusted to the changes we’ve already undergone.

6. The Board of Supervisors is currently considering an Interim Development Ordinance . What’s your opinion of the proposed ordinance?

I feel that our county is not equipped to manage some of the conflicts that may arise due to this ordinance. So many upgrades would need to be made in order to prepare us for upcoming projects or plans encouraged by this ordinance. We should consider how it will affect our fire, police, and other departments, not to mention the residents who live in and around this area. I believe these citizens should have a voice in making this decision also.

7. What’s your vision for the Bayou Caddy/Lakeshore/Clermont Harbor area?

My vision for this area is that I feel it is a residential community and should remain that way where casinos and condos are concerned. I would like to see more residents rebuilding and settling here. A new school and library would be a good start for the parents and children of this area.

8. What are your thoughts on balancing future growth and the quality of life for residents?

I feel that for future growth we need more family oriented businesses. I would like our residents to consider things like miniature golf, a movie theater, more family restaurants, a theme park, a water park, and etc…. Things like this will attract the kind of people we want in our area and maybe they’ll stay.


  • Thank you for your comments. I was interested in some clarification for question number four. I would be interested in what methods might be used, or some detail on how you, personally, would approach working toward greater communication between the county and city government officials.

    Also, in encouraging business, what are your thoughts on our small, local businesses? Many local business owners have worked to re-open their businesses, only to find their increased insurance rates threatening their existence. What are your thoughts on finding ways to ease the burden on our local businesses that make this area so very unique?

    Are there specific parts of the ordinance that could be adopted? If so, to which areas of concern, in the ordinance, would you give priority?

    By Anonymous Diamondhead resident, at 12:58 AM  

  • Frequent communication between the county and cities, in itself, is very important. A good start would be to set up regularly scheduled meetings between the board of supervisors and city councils. Also emails and conference calls would be a productive way to stay in contact.

    Getting our residents to return and rebuild is one way to increase the revenue of small businesses, thus enabling them to continue serving our community.

    When I initially answered Question 6, I thought I was fully informed about the ordinance, now I feel I should have done some more research before answering. If you will allow me a little more time I will do some extensive research and get back to you with a knowledgeable answer.

    By Anonymous Wanda Ladner, at 2:07 PM  

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