Hancock County Government

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wesley Lossett

District 5 Candidate

Wesley Lossett

1. Why do you think you’d make a good supervisor?

I have 20 years of Law enforcement experience. During my years of service I have been in several leadership positions including Patrol Commander, Chief Investigator, and Chief Deputy with a Sheriff's Department. I have worked with all different levels of government including county, city and state. During these years of service I have performed all administrative duties and was responsible and accountable for a budget and expense.

2. What do you think are the three overall priorities for Hancock County?

1. Concentrating on re-building for economic growth of our county

2. To see a fully functional Criminal Justice Center brought back in place for the safety of the citizens and
cost effectiveness of the county's budget.

3. Re-aligning all county budgets and establishing open communications between county governments and the public for the purpose of the residents of our county to be made more informed and active in the decisions being made for our county - along with many more positive financially feasible plans for progression.

3. What are your concerns for infrastructure in the county?

The main concern would be with all new developments taking place in the rural areas of the county: The infrastructure needs should be based accordingly to the population of where new projects would be constructed. Ordinances should be passed to protect the citizens whom are currently residing in the areas of development.

4. What are your thoughts on improving communication between the county and city governments for more cooperation and efficiency?

I strongly believe in solid communication between county and city officials working together for the benefit of the county as a whole and would request a monthly meeting between Board of Supervisors and City Aldermen/Councilmen to discuss current issues which are being brought before the above governments in order to solve countywide issues (for example a Criminal Justice facility).

5. Should consolidation of any services be considered between Hancock county and the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland?

I believe that some services would be beneficial to all the citizens of Hancock County. Examples of these would be Senior citizens programs, The Boys & Girls Club, etc. The County and Cities should come together and research more community projects that would be beneficial to all residents of Hancock County.

6. The Board of Supervisors is currently considering an Interim Development Ordinance . What’s your opinion of the proposed ordinance?

Because this ordinance is in the preliminary stages of proposal, I will briefly state my opinion. I strongly believe that it should be based on consideration of the proposed development. I believe that each development should be considered on an individual basis, considering what it is and what beneficial need it would meet. Then the decision should be made on what aspects the development would be held accountable for prior to the approval of any development.

7. What’s your vision for the Bayou Caddy/Lakeshore/Clermont Harbor area?

These areas deserve to be rebuilt and re-established with considerable amount of input by the residents that would like to return and currently reside there now. I would like to see these beautiful communities brought back to equivalent or better pre-Katrina status, with the same active roles of community life, outdoor recreation and economic contribution.

8. What are your thoughts on balancing future growth and the quality of life for residents?

The future growth of this county is essential for the quality of life of the residents. They play hand-in-hand roles in economics, safety, revenue, communities, beautification, the future of our children, education, senior citizens, etc. I believe there is certainly much need for future growth for the benefit of all age groups, but not at the expense and opposition of currently established communities. New areas of development need to be strategically placed in appropriate areas that will be beneficial to all current and future residents of the county with consideration to preservation of existing communities, subdivisions, schools, churches, etc.


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