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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Louie Ladner

District 3 Candidate

Louie Ladner

1. Why do you think you’d make a good supervisor?

1. I don’t think I would be a good supervisor- I am positive I would be a good supervisor. I have a very conservative attitude for spending tax money. I have spent most of my thirty-six year career supervising people and budgets in large construction.

I am Louie M. Ladner, life-long resident of Hancock County, the fifth son of 12 children born to Clifton and Mazie Ladner. I am the father of Arlette Bates and Rhett Ladner and a grandfather of five. A graduate of Hancock North Central H.S., I attended Pearl River Community College, majoring in Electrical technology. I also had four years of
electrical training at JATC . In my 36 year career I have worked in supervisory capacity for 26 of those years. I have been employed by Fountain Construction Company of Jackson, Ms for the past 18 years as supervisor of General Construction and Electrical for commercial and industrial projects.

As a former member of the Hancock County School Board for six years, Parish Council member, head of the South MS. Bird Hunters Assoc. and a founding member of the Harrison-Hancock Little League, I look forward to bringing a new aggressive leadership with fresh ideas, equal representation for districts, promotion of smart economic growth, a better hurricane preparedness, faster response to disasters, accountability and efficiency of County Commisions - including the planning and zoning commission.

I make decisions with a vision. I have no obligations to anyone and I will stand boldly for you, the taxpayer. It would be an honor to serve you. Help me to bring conservative smart spending of tax dollars back to county government. Let’s start at home.

2. What do you think are the three overall priorities for Hancock County?

1. Restoring public services to the communities, such as the courthouse and all county agencies. Currently, they are spread out in temporary housing. I believe more interest should be given to the county buildings. We have hurricane season on us again and what would we do in the wake of another disaster?

There has to be included in the planning secure, safe quarters for public documents. The Emergency Operations Center should have a new strong-room constructed building with state-of-the-art storm tracking and communications. At this stage since the storm, you would think that this would have taken place. We still have this operation in one of the older buildings in the county, at the old Kiln Gymnasium.

2. The infrastructure needs to be streamlined and fast tracked to enable restoration of homes and businesses.

3. There has to be better planning for pre and post disasters between local and federal agencies and most of all, we the public have to know - before the disaster - what to do and where to go for relief and when does it get there.

County equipment should be strategically stationed throughout the county for post-storm road clearing. Pre-Katrina all the equipment was moved to the south end of the county and it all went under water and was ruined. I think it would have been better served if it had been ready to open roads in Diamondhead, Dedeaux, Bay St. Louis, Waveland, Kiln and all the other communities that were closed in by fallen trees.

These are just a few priorities that good thinking and planning can take care of - it just takes commitment. I pledge that commitment.

3. What are your concerns for infrastructure in the county?

I think there has to be a plan in place to restore infrastructure as soon as possible after disasters. I think there has to be some vision put into the growth of the areas and building for the future, with quality systems is a must. It is cheaper in the long run. With my experience in building, I feel I can offer a lot to this area. I will see that we have the right infrastructure in place before we overbuild any area. I will protect the taxpayer on development.

4. What are your thoughts on improving communication between the county and city governments for more cooperation and efficiency?

I think there should be a time for all government agencies to have a communications and learning meetings - including school boards. It is important to share ideas and happenings with in the county and cities. I will work to make the communications regular and productive.

5. Should consolidation of any services be considered between Hancock county and the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland?

Certainly this should be considered and studied. It is possible and logical, is it probable? Probably not. I think the public should be given the information on studies and the savings it could create and let them make the decision. Would I support it? If it is shown to be feasible, yes, I would.

6. The Board of Supervisors is currently considering an Interim Development Ordinance . What’s your opinion of the proposed ordinance?

I have read bits and pieces of this and am not as versed as I would like to be at this time. I think there has to be some guidelines for development. I would not want to do anything to slow growth in the county. I think we have to take an open-minded look at the individual developments and make intelligent decisions on them. If we had done our home work in the past we wouldn’t be faced with this problem now. We have to be careful not to be discriminate in times past and future with a temporary ordinance.

7. What’s your vision for the Bayou Caddy/Lakeshore/Clermont Harbor area?

Bayou Caddy is an area with very high potential. It can be a fine development but has to be done in cooperation with local people and community. I would surely want to look at any county money invested there and what the guaranteed return time would be. I would like to see development there in a smart, planned way, as not to damage natural resources and local living environment.

8. What are your thoughts on balancing future growth and the quality of life for residents?

I stand to protect any community from unwanted influx of development not continuous of what that community started out to be. I believe you live there because of what the community is - not what someone decides to join it with. I do believe and understand the word COMMUNITY! I will support that when it is threatened.

You may reach me at 601-573-8031 or email me at LOUIEMLADNER @ AOL.COM


Thank you for reading this and may GOD BLESS US ALL IN HANCOCK COUNTY.


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